The Dra. Figueroa Research Group works on understanding the molecular mechanisms involved in epithelial plasticity programs such as the epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) and its clinically implications during tumour progression and metastasis. EMT has been also implicated at early stages of tumorigenesis, the lab studies the clinically relevant therapeutic cancer targets for the treatment of malignant tumours and novel diagnosis and prognosis biomarkers in cancer. EMT is not only implicated in increasing cancer cell invasiveness and dissemination, but also a clear link has been shown between EMT and cancer drug resistance highlighting the potential to develop pharmacological therapies to target epithelial plasticity in cancer.  The success of anticancer therapy is usually limited by the development of drug resistance. Our lab is focussed in the identification of new antitumor compounds that will contribute to advance into precision medicine.

Epithelial Plasticity and Metatasis Resarch Group is open to receive new young scientists candidates interested to develop a scientific career in cancer research.

Our lab is constantly looking for candidates to apply for proposals in competitive calls. Candidates, please, send CV by email to  CONTACT